Tel Aviv Fashion Week 2011

Tel Aviv Fashion Week 2011

Tel Aviv Fashion Week 2011

The stage was set for a wide range of fashionable style in Tel Aviv this week 2011, each played by local students and elders of the renowned Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, and set out designer, props of the local mode in Israel.

The collections displayed an eclectic mix of design ideas, materials and color palettes, delicate lace and pearls dresses throughout the evening and wedding dresses Galit Levi, "Street Couture" remembers "Susan Desperately Seeking 'Madonna era sugar daddy, a bold interpretation of the aesthetics of the fin meets the Rockers with graphic patterns with a decidedly surreal influence Yosef Peretz, a show in black and gold held in your language and Middle Eastern inspired O Bar, which does not show to you, ended with a show of belly dance perfectly timed by Sarit Hadad Set "Do You Love Me."

Images of Tel Aviv Fashion Week 2011:

Tel Aviv Fashion Week 2011-1Gender-bending style of Lady Gaga decided connotations, which reinforces the universal language spoken only in this particular Tel Aviv Fashion Week 2011. The event is the final event held to support the organization of gay youth in Israel, presented a rollicking crowd of people and lighting look forward to the fashion show by local celebrities modeled Israeli design, including the winner of the Euro Vision Song Contest Dana International.

Tel Aviv Fashion Week 2011-2Revived by more than 30 years Tel Aviv Fashion Week 2011, held November 11 to 13 struck his tent in the renovation of Tahan, a history of the station in Tel Aviv, home today, "Today, shops, a showroom and outdoor restaurants. Sister of Tel Aviv Fashion Week 2011, the city of Milan has brought a strong dose of glamorous high-voltage special guest Roberto Cavalli, who showed once again his spring 2012 collection was stored, or sequins, feathers or animal print. The delicate pleating and beadwork, the fusion of contrasting models, exquisite silhouettes and impeccably dressed in the night, as it has a touch of decadence for the showcase of Tel Aviv Fashion Week 2011.

Tel Aviv Fashion Week 2011-3"Israel is in my heart," says Cavalli. "I hope that Tel Aviv Fashion Week 2011, to show the world that I love Israel. It is like a beautiful city full of life with dynamic people, fashion and culture, as Europeans, Americans, Japanese. I'm delighted to be the be able to support this new interactive exhibition in Tel Aviv. " Ohayon Israel Shenkar students who took the prize in the next design, sent models on the catwalk in leather, PVC, nylon and knitted creations, which experimented with the shape and form. An earlier house Lanvin is currently working on Gideon Oberson Ohayon.

Tel Aviv Fashion Week 2011-4Tel Aviv Fashion Week 2011 is here for your entertainment and nice comments.