Pantone Color Trends for Fall 2011

Pantone Color Trends for Fall 2011

Pantone Color Trends for Fall 2011 guarantee the stability of their wardrobe with neutral tones. Rica, alcohol decadent Coffee brings a touch of elegance to the ground, and is a delicious alternative to basic black. A wonderfully warm camel tan, Nougat is tastefully decorated phlox, honeysuckle or Ember glow. The silence of the orchid, mix a unique sound, with shades of gray orchid complex, well with other colors in the palette. Canter, reliable medium gray remains, as always, a convenient and reliable staple.

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Pantone Color Trends for Fall 2011, the global authority on color studies, designers of the Fashion Week in New York and beyond color trends of the season. The report calculates the most important colors for fall 2011.In the fashion world, it is a busy and hectic in August just one month before the month. Not Fashion Week, but August is when all the web designers and fashion forecasters and collect final color trends autumn/winter show and textile design. This year was the management of Indigo International Textile Design Show held third Creative and 4 August at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York in color trends for fall and winter 2011/2012 city.

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Pantone Color Trends for Fall 2011 Gray is out and the sadness is gone! Now it's time to shine like candy paint through. The women of color varies with neutral camel and brown, half-tone colors such as purple filled, orange and red and shiny as gold and turquoise teal.A true fashionista always plans her wardrobe in advance. And while he was still three months in advance before next season, designers and gave us their thoughts for fall/ Winter 2011/2012. So why not work on an impressive look that your friends will later envy? My suggestion is to start with colors. And here are all the color trends for the coming season.

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Therefore, the honeysuckle is not my favorite, but in pieces that create the people who will use this color. My favorite variety is the season of bamboo (I call it mustard) and I am pleased that the trend has finally come to the central region (parts have been in this area for a year and a half and is now off). Since we sell in the stores too, it is important that my knife shops tend to sell the clothes to their customers. I must say this is one of my favorite parts of my work. However, autumn/winter designs done for me and I am in the spring.It's amazing how color can affect us in many ways that make us happy, hungry, quiet and warm. Each year the Pantone color trends for spring and autumn as influencing fashion trends and home for the season.

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