Stella McCartney Perfume Review Sheer

Stella McCartney Perfume Review Sheer

Stella McCartney Perfume Review Sheer

Stella McCartney Perfume Review Sheer launched her first fragrance, the scent of roses beautiful Stella, in 2003. Since 2004, a version of the cool spring and airy elegant original name Stella is published annually. The new Sheer Stella was introduced in spring 2011, is grown enriched with notes of sparkling fruits and extracts of Organic Rose in the Persian mountains more than 500 years.

The fragrance opens with notes of plums and grapes, with roses in his heart soft, fresh lemon and green apple and placed at the base of warm amber. To protect the environment, organic rose scent used in this race in Iran without pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

The clear bottle is decorated with bright pink flowers in shades of purple silhouette. Stella is pure 2011 in Eau de Toilette 100 ml in quantity available.
2010 True Stella is a new limited edition made in 2010 and held rose, in the foreground of the composition. The fragrance is built as a flowery and is available in 100 ml EDT.

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Stella McCartney Perfume Review Sheer-1 Each year, Stella McCartney Perfume Review Sheer invents his namesake perfume to take notes with lush again, creating a limited edition pink iconic fragrance. A unique fragrance infused with organic rose beauty. According to tradition, the designer Stella presents pure, developed a pink version of the classic organic Stella fragrance exclusively for the year 2010. The fresh scent is infused with organic roses grown in the mountains, what a beautiful Stella pure light, of course.

Stella McCartney Perfume Review Sheer-2Exclusive Stella McCartney Perfume Review Sheer, a whole culture of the rose bio was purchased to create the unique scent. Hints of fresh, natural top green apple, lemon and ice Bulgarian rose, opened a romantic heart of the Celestial Rose, Rose Absolute, Organic Rose and Iran on the basis of warm amber and sensual base. The limited edition bottle of Stella was pure by the British artist Philip Jones, an internationally renowned London artist, who designed the recent work on display in Madrid.

Stella McCartney Perfume Review Sheer-3Stella McCartney Perfume Review Sheer has a fragrance of pure Limited for the fiscal year 2009, which hit the market in March 2009. This reinterpretation of the original scent was gently reflected and fragile pink petals form an elegant and charming perfume. The composition contains lemon, apple green, pink and orange. The fragrance is available in 100 ml (3.4 oz) EDT. I have the 2010 edition this summer. I love the soft light floral notes with a hint of pink. I know it is safe and that I do not give anyone (not to mention to me) headache when I wear them. I'm bored with the flavors with relative ease, but even if I buy this for future issues. I love the bottle.

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