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Miss World 2011 was the 61st Edition of the Miss World pageant at Earls Court Two on 6 November 2011 in London. During the event, the participants also traveled to Edinburgh, Scotland between 23 October and 27 October. Alexandria Mills from the USA its successor Evian Arcos de Venezuela was crowned at the end of the event. Although more than 120 delegates are expected to compete, which prevents problems with the acquisition of timely visas linked many candidates from participating, bringing the total to 113. Jason Cook as an anchor, and Angela Chow - 9-time host the Miss World stage and presented to the jury that included former champions, among other things, the audience broke into applause.

Miss Gwendolyn Ruiz Philippines was the first runner and Miss Puerto Rico Amanda Perez was the second finalist. The gala began on Sunday evening followed by a dynamic behavior of the diversity of the British Dance Company street, through the introduction of the Miss World competition. He finished with Alexandria Mills Arcos crown of Miss World 2010. Cindy Breakspeare (1976), Nigeria Albany Darego (2001), Zhang Zilin (2007) and Kalian Aldorino (2009) - The jury was made up of former winners of Miss World.

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According to tradition, the flag was adopted in the Miss World 2011 country hosting the next, the city of Ordos in Mongolia, China. Miss Venezuela Arcos Avian was Sunday night, Miss India World 2011 and not reach in hopes of winning the title for the sixth time as Miss India World Kanishtha Shankar 25 years collapsed.

Miss World 2011Miss Venezuela have now become Miss World 2011 recently. Reduction of 15, 7 consist above of Korea, Venezuela, England, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, South Africa and Scotland. 15 / 2 edge-finalists, including Indonesia, Korea, Italy, Sweden, Zimbabwe, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Venezuela, the Philippines, U.S. VI, Spain, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Scotland and England. At night it is introduced with great performance for diversity, as Britain's talented group of street dance, including girls from 150 countries, including India Kanishtha Shankar.

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Miss Dominican Republic has received the 2011 Sports World Champion. Miss England was crowned Miss World 2011 Beach Beauty, Miss World 2011 Kazakhstan was top model, while Miss World 2011 title went to Chile Miss Talent and Miss Ghana and Miss Indonesia and shared the title of beauty with a purpose. In a ceremony at Earls Court in London, extravagant, at the age of 21 Arcos more than 100 beauties from around the world, defeated in the 61st Miss World.
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Fanfare at Earls Court in London, two, was Miss Venezuela, Evian Arcos, 61 crowned Miss World 2011 to Miss Gwendolyn Ruiz Philippines as the first runner and Miss Puerto Rico, Amanda Perez, the driver of a second. Miss Venezuela was beautiful in a dress of pink feathers on the front open, as he was crowned Miss World title, Alexandria Mills, United States.
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