Spring Summer 2011 Fashion Trends Vogue

Spring Summer 2011 Fashion Trends Vogue

Spring Summer 2011 Fashion Trends Vogue always immaculate designer and more impressive, strengthening the reputation of the fashion trend completely white. In spring and summer of 2011, mesmerized the audience knows all the fashion trends with its beautiful and comforting at the same visual impression. Those who want to enjoy the summer breeze at the start of next season should definitely take a closer look at the ideas of costumes by the designer collections most valuable and most beautiful in the spring and summer of 2011.So forget "convenience" and move beyond "it's too festive." The white color does not require any accessory, it is very fresh and festive start color.Let with white coats. After a few white shirts or blouses in the cabinet can be combined with jeans, shorts, skirts and pencil skirts.

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Spring Summer 2011 Fashion Trends Vogue, we see the return of the long skirts that were once hot in 1970. And while some of us really have these men as sexy or interesting at all the opposite view.They love to a girl in a skirt, the look and feel, these pieces are incredibly feminine. In addition, they leave a lot to the imagination.Create the retro look with floating platforms and covers thin strips and the preparations for the flattering attention of your fashionista friends. Search this trend in the collection of Jason Wu, Marc Jacobs, Tommy Hilfiger, Tory Burch and other designers.Orange is more aggressive and less accessible, exploited the colors of the season, setting uncompromising brilliance in a series of gateways.

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Spring Summer 2011 Fashion Trends Vogue used for ready-to-wear, to achieve the color of carrots into a real plan of seduction, if you want to move away from the road. As the designers did not try the salmon orange pumpkin, fashion, the homage to this "it" color will want to pay again be forced to go for the 100% orange juice.Efficient and always in style from Yves Saint Laurent women in his tuxedo-style male / female is dressed in a regular income, with a kind of equality of the sexes on the slopes. This season, the androgynous look, with its charming literal ambiguity subtle change, or Rock-n-roll.

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"Reassessment" of the search for ways to dress less disposable.Alabama Chanin, a Council of Fashion Designers of America, 2009 / Vogue Fashion Fund finalist, combines new materials, organic and recycled into her jeans and jacket beats used. A dress with spots from Susan Cianciolo's handpicked vintage hand-dyed cotton. Dresses and tailored jackets by Max Osterweis Suno is done in a fashionable district of New York Web of Kenya Kangas.
"Rethinking" the challenges of seasonality and dependence on mode of rapid change. 100 miles from Kelly Cobb costume from regional artisans, with products of less than 100 miles from home. The company wins the race slow and steady and cotton muslin for a collection of shoes, bags and T-shirts for men are used to deconstruct.

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The spring / summer 2011 season certainly makes a lot of changes over hairstyles. Be extremely fashionable and very practical at the same time, updo hairstyles attract more attention of the world's most creative hairstyles to choose from.Subtle and elegant or casual, fashion, hairstyles updo days reading at all, to clarify trends.Like most fashion designers aware of the strong effect updo hairstyle can therefore have a certain picture him with various glamorous ideas designed to set the selection a little easier to hit.

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