Autumn Winter 2011 Men Fashion Trends

Autumn Winter 2011 Men Fashion Trends

Autumn Winter 2011 Men Fashion Trends as parents of the classic shapes, colors and textures. It's the end of the summer 2011 season has given us many surprises light, both in terms of color combinations with each other, and the emergence of bold new colors. In the autumn-winter 2011/2012 fashion for men in quiet tones and rich fabrics warm noble.The color of passion and aggression in the autumn-winter season has become widespread in the designer collections are more confident than ever for men and women and fashion weeks. Red is always present in men's fashion, but because it is to gain strength, power and the will and everything else in the game symbolizes included mandatory gentlemen.

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Autumn Winter 2011 Men Fashion Trends, the red ones are popular, what we see on the start and runways of Alexander McQueen, Burberry Presume, Dior Home, and Dolce & Cabana. Accents in the form of a red jacket, pants and accessories are arranged in collections of Bodega Veneto, Lavin and Jill Sander.Few people know that there is a special organization - Tartans Dealing Scottish Register recording all possible variants of the traditional models of Scotland. Fashion Week in Paris and Milan each time through the sea of ​​resentment comes to the organization, because any deviation from the standard Canon - is the excommunication of the traditions established over the years.

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Autumn Winter 2011 Men Fashion Trends Collection Alexander McQueen, just do not remember the blue poncho in a cage and a necklace made of sheepskin. Of course, even the Burberry Presume show; the audience saw a new twist on the classic theme.For fall / winter fashion designer 2011 / 2012 have a variety of trends. Some are new and crazy and the others are the ones we have used a. Here is the list:Fall / Winter 2011 / 2012 Fashion Trend # 1: The androgyny. The whole world seems to change. Men tend to be women and women trying to look and act like men. Mode cannot stay out of this global trend. As a result, we see men's shirts, suits, shoes and hats in most collections autumn / winter 2011 / 2012designer: Chanel, Dolce & Cabana, Sonia Ryrie, Stella McCartney, Balenciaga, among others.

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Fall / winter 2011 / 2012 Fashion Trend , For the winter season, designers typically to use neutral colors or reserved, as the navy blue, brown, cream, dark purple, etc. are preferable, however, fall / winter 2011 / 2012 collections with bright colors like red, neon orange, purple filled, blue and others. Moreover, these bright colors that can be combined audacity. See Hider Ackermann, Alberta Ferrety, Victoria Beckham, Tommy Hilfiger, Burberry Presume, and other designer brands and for the inspiration.This fall, the trend of men's fashion very similar to last year but a new face is there are few really got our attention.Military-date, and meets chic velvet back some style sheets that dominate the winter months. Military is back, this time from the years 1940 and inspired 50 - lining for coats, jackets, airmen and military boots with sheepskin.

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Costumes are moved to the child lean "with a new court that will find an officer to win in the army -. Wide shoulders, narrow waist and slim trousers These retro style will also be a huge distraction (in Debenhams) is to ensure that children can stay ahead of the trend with a new line of clothing inspired by the sixties.Sumptuous fabrics for jackets and luxurious velvet tuxedo evening brought back into the men's fashion. It was the material of choice for most future-oriented men for decades. But do not let go. Use velvet jackets with trousers in another material, or vice versa.

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