Fall 2011 Fashion Trends for Real Women


Fall 2011 Fashion Trends for Real Women

Fall 2011 Fashion Trends for Real Women dresses made their way back into the limelight so hot this season. The dresses are back! It is to be able to play so nice to dress up up. Dresses are an important way this year. Skirts are from top to bottom, the lines easy to carry in the figure and style to enhance the curves. Most dresses are in style right up to the knees. It's a long flattering for most women and a comfortable length for most occasions.The shirt seems to be one of the styles of design that it will be forever. I love this classic style that can be used for pleasure or business.What are the trends of color for fall/winter 2011? The fashion world has already passed in the fall winter.

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Fall 2011 Fashion Trends for Real Women, the use of true color is. The colors black and gray are not seen in this season, but the bright colors time. Many designers have made this pictorial approach to the colors in the fall of 2011 by making clever mix bright colors with neutral requirements. Now is the time to experience the colors shine through. When it comes to the color of the stone, navy and camel with touches of bright blue, instead of heavy materials and colors. In autumn/ winter season 2011 impressions are important. In this season with the revival of the woman in you to do! According to Pantone, no colors, we will take with them many different shades of this fall. Colors always in fashion and designers seem to never tire of creating pieces in neutral colors. It's easy: You can always remain neutral, are versatile and can work with other pieces that combine two or alive.

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Fall 2011 Fashion Trends for Real Women like Lady Gaga took the stage smoking a cigarette when the show season divided into two very different halves, seems to see their great demagogic ¬ elegant clothes. On stage, the public was a stylist and a sense of connection to fashion a world of interest to them, in the avant-grade and requires extreme measures invited.

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This is in contrast with what we have seen elsewhere, which was simply put, everything is well with the fashion of the moment: the beauty and simplicity of style, ensuring that women are easy to interpret.Fashion Director of Gaga, Nicola Formfitting, is the new creative director of Mugger, and he was determined to be a little to the imagination back on the bridge with his show, the first clothing brand for women. But for all deposits, were the real vision on the right track Gaga in the creations of Formfitting, usually with large plates of costumes and exaggerated shoulders a little disappointing.

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I mean, where are the clothes? Reminds us how different "real" women and celebrities when it comes to his relationship with fashion. Stars use it to build an image, and the rest of us are looking for clothes that are connected to an inner part of ourselves, we have to express them, not a fan base.Looking for a timeless elegance, the winter 2010-2011 women flew to the basics of style. After years of debauchery, mania, and "fast fashion", a trend, focusing on the classic 1980-era. Designers in search of an absolute, it has inspired in recent decades or the legacy of his label, a pragmatic campaign to meet women, with no hidden its superior design.

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