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Jessica Alba HotJessica Alba Hot

In 2001, Jessica Alba Hot was ranked No. 1 on the Maxim magazine Hot 100 list. She said: "I must make some efforts to utilize sexuality to my advantage, because the people on how they want to go to reflect." In 2005, Alba was one of the 50 most beautiful people by People magazine and also appeared on the list of 100 most beautiful magazine in 2007. In 2002, Alba was the fifth star sexy woman in 2002 in a poll, # 4 in the Top 10 Sci-Fi Girl, No. 6 in the sexiest girl in the FHM poll votes and is ranked number 12 in "102 Sexiest Women of the World" 2002 Stuff magazine publisher. In 2005, Alba was No. 5 on Maxim magazine's Hot List is a list ranked 100.

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On the cover of Playboy in March 2006 named Alba among its 25 Sexiest Celebrities, and the star of the race of the year. Alba was in litigation against Playboy for using her image (a photo for promotional purposes, Into the Blue) involved without their consent, arguing that the feeling aroused, Jessica Alba Hot appeared in the publication of a "pictorial nu." But later dropped the charges after receiving a personal apology from Playboy Hugh Hefner, owner, agreed to make donations to two charities that Alba has supported.

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If reports out that a Chinese girl of 21 years, plastic surgery, such as Jessica Alba Hot look to win back an ex-boyfriend look, the star has spoken against the perceived need to change the look of love.

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In 2006, Alba was ranked # 3 on E! 101 sexiest celebrity television. In 2006 readers voted Alba No. 1 on 99 Most Desirable Women, while in 2007, Maxim Magazine placed Alba on the number 2 in the "Top 100". Both GQ and In Style had Alba on her from June 2008, and in May, after eight million votes, FHM (UK and USA editions) named Jessica Alba Hot the winner as "sexiest woman in the world in 2007." Alba was as a the sexiest women in the world, and named Maxim's Hot 100 in 2008. In 2007, Alba was No. 1 on the Sexiest Girls of 2007 poll of FHM in place, edit Latvian magazine.

Alba was No. 4 on Empire Magazine 100 Sexiest Movie Stars in 2007. In 2006 and 2007, Alba was the number 1 sexiest woman in the world as chosen by FHM magazine in Norway. Camparicalendar Alba appeared in 2009. Printed copies of the Campari Calendar 9999 with photos of Alba in swimsuits posing sexually, and high heels.

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In 2008, Alba was No. 34 in the Maxim magazine Hot 100 at number list, ranked No. 2 "The sexiest woman TV" list Wizard Magazine and was named one of 25 sexiest women in the film of all time GQMagazine. Alba is the only woman who has made Maxim magazine's Hot 100 list each year of its publication, 2000 to 2011. Named one of "100 hottest women of all times" to human health.

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