Chalcedony Jewelry Handmade

chalcedony jewelry handmadeChalcedony Jewelry Handmade

In search of Chalcedony Jewelry Handmade that is unique and different. A necklace of precious fat it apart from the crowd as a pioneer of fashion? My heart, if not unique (OAK) necklace for you! Created with a pendant of Botswana Agate beautiful pieces of sea foam green agate, Swarthy crystals and sterling silver, which is certainly a nice explanation! My heart has been designed carefully crafted by Catherine dog Shadow. "Mi Corazon" means "my heart" in Spanish and is a perfect gift for Valentine's Day a loved one or yourself! Three Swarthy crystals were removed on each side of the trailer placed with 2 mm sterling silver beads between them. The rest of the chain, is a crystal used for any third chalcedony nugget. Each crystal is of the nuggets with a sterling silver chain separated by 2 mm.

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Chalcedony Jewelry Handmade-1I have trouble finding words to describe describe about Chalcedony Jewelry Handmade, in order to use the heart of Botswana agate pendant in my heart. The words (and photos) is certainly not fair! Botswana agate is an exquisite piece of jewelry models usually shows marked contrast with strips of soft colors. It is usually found in the Karo region in South Africa, a semi-desert. The Botswana Agate Pendant has definitely contrasting stripes of color! The upper part of the heart is a beautiful translucent brown / taupe. The line from a very thin layer of a darker color separates the lower part completely different. The lower part is amazing, reminds me a piece of crystal geode. The crystal structure is fascinating, some areas are quite clear, but the most translucent. To get even more interest, a wash of natural light green along the bottom two sections are on the edge of the heart! The art of mother nature! This beauty is connected to the main part of the neck with one hand (by me), which consists of two e-mail accounts in sterling silver mm.

Chalcedony Jewelry Handmade-2This information is important to my heart in Chalcedony Jewelry Handmade:
The Botswana Agate Heart: Approx. 50 mm x 45mm x 6mm
Green agate nuggets: on average the application. 12mm x 14mm
Swarovski crystals, faceted "glass ceiling" Tops 6mm
Metal: Sterling Silver
Closure: hook together elegant, sterling silver
Duration: Approx. 18.5 "/ 46.8 cm. The name of the song, the other lists of materials used in the neck and the language of stones and metals: MY HEART come with two day fall of information. My heart is a chain for a woman who loves the center of attention - which is surely to win because of its uniqueness! The colors of the chain is working with many wardrobe staples: ivory, beige, yellow, light blue, white and black to name a few. Take it and enjoy a lot!

Chalcedony Jewelry Handmade-3To emphasize the importance Chalcedony Jewelry Handmade, choose bright green scum chalcedony nuggets. The color of these chips are impressive and seem to almost glow on their own when the light hits them. The seeds are very soft and feel wonderful. Because they are the seeds, the size and shape they are not exactly the same, and some have small dark spots on them - but the nature of the gold nuggets! Each seed is separated from its neighbors by 2 mm silver grains. To shine facets MY HEART "glass ceiling" Swarthy Crystal Bi-cone 6 mm were used added. "Satin" is a special coating developed by Swarthy, the order is known and additional lightning brightens the balls. The "glass ceiling" of the color was chosen because it perfectly with the color of the upper part of the heart Botswana agate.

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