Chalcedony Jewelry Vintage

chalcedony jewelry vintageChalcedony Jewelry Vintage

A simply beautiful and beautifully in 18 karat yellow gold Art Chalcedony Jewelry Vintage sets consisting of fabulous sapphire and diamond spray brooch, a series of images of sapphire earrings exquisite spa and an 18-carat diamonds and spectacular handmade Art Deco sapphire ring. About 1920th A large Marriage of 18-carat white gold, that of a magnificent diamond ring 0.35 ct solitaire diamond engagement ring is cut, SI1 Clarity =, color = H, ring size = O. A beautiful 18 carat white gold wedding band, Ring size = N and a magnificent 18-carat white gold diamond eternity ring of 10 diamonds, magnificent, totaling 0.75 carats, clarity is P =, color = H. The two Rings with diamonds certified documentation.

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Chalcedony Jewelry Vintage-1This is the essence of luxury and exclusivity Chalcedony Jewelry Vintage. This fabulous Stern, H., Set Etruscan Revival 18 carat jewelry. It consists of a magnificent 18-karat yellow gold link necklace with oval-framed panels speed luxury Etruscan revival with a number of stones from 6 Oval Cut Amethyst, periodontal and citrine 3 3 Matching bracelet with inlaid stones fifth In the original packaging. Simply outstanding. A silver bracelet from Mexico and the fabulous objects necklace made from silver and bronze corner panels. The bracelet is approximately 20 cm (8 ") long x 1 cm wide and weighs approximately 36.3 grams, the chain is about 44 cm (17.5") long and weighs approximately 79.5 grams. The pendant is 9ct yellow gold lace bordering beautiful movement measured approximately 2.5 cm (1 ") high x 1.5cm wide. Complete with 9ct gold chain measuring 42cm around (17") long. We have many new items in stock and not on the screen, above a small example of what we have. If you do not find what you need, please contact us and maybe we can help you find the specific article.

Chalcedony Jewelry Vintage-2A beautiful Chalcedony Jewelry Vintage filigree silver jewelry set consisting of a fine link chain measuring approximately 63.5 cm (25 ") long made. Barril and set the language. Also a beautiful bracelet filigree design itself measures approximately 24cm (9, 5 ") long. Lock-ring and groove connection. Both have a total weight of about 93.4 grams (just over 3 ounces). Egypt seals on these two issues dominated. A bumper crop of links to silver and gold jewelry with London-set, consisting of a pair of beautiful silver, gold and citrine earrings approx 2cm long x 1cm wide. The chain is approximately 41cm long, with sealing ring and the T-bar. Pendant measures approximately 1.2 cm in diameter. Unlike Edinburgh links London 2000 brand makers.

Chalcedony Jewelry Vintage-3His art is an elegant and stylish Chalcedony Jewelry Vintage is a silver bracelet and earrings and beautiful amethyst ring in a geometric pattern. And a rare example of early craftsmanship duets, the choir, consisting jet cut from a fabulous imitation pearl and rhinestone brooch bright flower. It is about 6 cm (2.1 ") high x 5 cm (2") wide. Pin and inversion results. The earrings are in the same design and are based on the results of clip. Earrings measure approximately 3.2 cm (1.2 ") high x 2 cm (0.8") wide. The two articles signed Coro. Pegasus also pin. About 1940th. A beautiful bracelet with polished chalcedony stones 9ct rose quartz ring with a beautiful large 9ct Rose Quartz. A beautiful set of jewelry shell cameo of a set of butterfly earrings back, were approximately 1.5 cm x 1 cm together. The Ring is 9ct yellow gold and has a rod shape with open shuttle pearls around the gallery to work. Ring size = H 1 / 2 Stamped 375 (9ct).

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