Pippa Middleton's Stylish London Workday

Pippa Middleton's Stylish London WorkdayPippa Middleton's Stylish London Workday

Prepare a busy week Pippa Middleton was in front of the house to see in London this morning!

Brit beauty is always in style, with a friend, looked very beautiful as they made ​​their way to the office, wearing a black jacket, gray dress and black leather and floors.

This is certainly the sister of the Duchess of Cambridge Pippa Middleton won too much attention, and now their parents are ready and willing, a large sum of money to ensure that their daughter Pippa Middleton is safe to offer.

According to reports, Miss Pippa Middleton family is in the middle of buying an armoredvehicle for the party planner, a source said. "Carole and Michael took a series of measures on the advice of a bigger guards Guillermo trust Pippa Middleton car you have all the functions of art security, including the sign.'s bomb-proof. "

About Pippa Middleton:

Promote after graduating in 2008, Middleton for a short time for a PR firm working forluxury goods, then she took a job event management with Table Talk, a London-basedcompany that organizes corporate events and parties. In 2008, Tatler MagazineMiddleton "number one in Singleton Company," named by the singer and songwriterJames Blunt and Princess Eugenie. Since then he has often been described a socialite was reported as part of a duo with her older sister, Middleton has in the media, focusing on their social life and your lifestyle.
Middleton is currently working two days a week to his parents, the business group, theedition of the Times, to protect the web magazine of the game.



Enjoy the picture of Pippa Middleton on her way to work with a friend in London, England.