Pia Toscano Teen Vogue Vixen

Pia Toscano Teen Vogue VixenPia Toscano Teen Vogue Vixen

There is always a good time, and last night Pia Toscano was discovered at the Teen Vogue Haute place in New York.
The "American Idol" alum was more than happy to provide for the sports press, while the red cover to flirt with a thin black skirt.
In a recent interview admitted Simon Cowell Pia that he did not like it at the hearing, several attempts to "American Idol" in recent years.

Pia Toscano Teen Vogue Vixen online:

"Simon Cowell is not a big fan of Pia Toscano who has been all good. I wanted in the program. I like him, but I do not know as judged by him. The change was really cool panel this year. We did Jennifer Lopez , Steven Tyler, Randy [Jackson], who grew up more or less. I think that the judges had a very good momentum, and since I was in your shoes before and knows what it's like to be rejected and go through this whole audition helped us to grow and criticized us in ways that do not know what we need to improve, instead of saying: "It was terrible, and we do not know where to go from there."

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As for the "American Idols Tour" together Pia Toscano, "The tour was great, it was as much fun as I do not know what the date is today, because I'm always somewhere else. It is madness. Fun together, and we were competing on the show, but the thing is, everyone has always been close to the program. Although it was a competition, we have each other support, because we are all so unique. None of us really have the same sound. We Only the best for the other wanted. Now that everything is gone, we're a very close family. We're a bit dysfunctional at times, but it's very funny, and just about the upcoming tour think the ending is sad for me because I'm going to miss these guys so much. "

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