Veena Malik FHM Pics

Veena Malik FHM PicsVeena Malik FHM Pics

Veena Malik has stirred controversy in both Pakistan and India Veena Malik FHM Pics veena malik scandal in India Veena Malik FHM Pics and this time she is not even involved. An alleged photograph of the actress posing nude appeared on the Indian online edition of the international monthly men’s lifestyle magazine FHM on Friday, but her PR manager confirmed to The Express Tribune that the photograph is fake.

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Veena Malik FHM Pics, Pakistani actress whose naked photo on the cover of the Indian edition of FHM magazine has sparked a controversy in Pakistan and India, refused to pose naked in front of the camera and says it is a fake, while the editor of the magazine claims that the photo shoot was really, Geo News.
The December issue of FHM magazine, which carried a picture of Malik on the cover, provided for a stir in Pakistan are both naked and tattoos from his arms by Pakistan's controversial first interdepartmental intelligence service Intelligence (ISI).

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After the controversy Malik has denied reports of her posing nude on the cover of Veena Malik FHM Pics. In a telephone interview with the Express-News, the actress said the photo was "transformed" and made the shoot with your clothes.
"I've never been naked. I've never done something like that. My manager and the legal team is concerned with the question. We will take legal action against them," said Veena.
However, said the editor of FHM Kabeer Sharma Geo News that the image stays intact and the photo-shoot was real.
"No one can have nothing against FHM as cover girl was Veena Malik, and they cannot deny," he said.

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"The photo shoot took place on November 22 after Malik expressed his joy at nude ask questions via e-mail," he said.
"We have a video of the filming and e-mail Veena, as she was looking forward to the platform. We have nothing to do with this controversy," he said.
Sharma also said that it was itself a work session every day - as usual.
Asked about the brains behind the idea of ​​"ISI" tattoo on his arm, replied that the tattoo was his idea. But it was Malik, forced to make look like, what's on the cover, he said.

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He said, should be saying the picture is that funny. "In India, about this joke ... if something goes wrong ... it is said that the ISI has put behind it"
Veena Malik refused to get naked for a "man from a photo of the actress claims that appeared to represent in the online edition of FHM India.
The model, who was former Cricket Mohammad Asif friend arrested last month for his role in the Pakistan match-fixing scandal, the image of a "false".
The picture that was published on the website of FHM India, as well as Facebook and Twitter shows the star topless.

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A controversial Pakistani actress was forced to refuse to pose nude for FHM India issue with a tattoo of the initials "ISI" in the arm.
Veena Malik appears before the December issue of FHM India topless, sparked outrage among conservatives in Pakistan - both for their nudity and the reference to Pakistan's intelligence service.

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But Miss Malik refused to pose for the boys, "MAG, with the star of 33 years and insisted that the picture was" transformed. "

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