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Shah Rukh Khan got too ambitious superhero RA One Movie only very few negative comments in India. Speaking of Los Angeles, where the actor was on tour with his crew until Saturday, he said, seemed rather annoyed, "I have committed some of the comments that were stupid. They are related stories Critics Verdict: Ra.One receives mixed reviews Another aspect of the film. " International Anubhav Sinha said, the director received an outstanding response. "Los Angeles Times has a great film critic," he stressed, adding: "We have a lot of people the movie from Fox (Fox Studios, USA) and talk to the press on foreign technical Ra.One that the ideology is more important. to promote and explain the world, we can do. " Within this week, the actor went to Dubai, London and Toronto, before joining the United States. His promotion has caused uproar in India also made headlines. But the real challenge for us is "to show the world that India can shoot movies in high-tech.

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" To facilitate the same, a study of advanced technologies in the city that will be used to post Ra.One started. ". The good news is that the study two or three years earlier than someone else is the first step in this direction," says the actor and producer, and added: "This is the time to connect these types of India. And I began. Instead of outsourcing, if you and want to upgrade to different movies, you have to use this technology. " As of Friday, Ra.One had RS 60 cr collected at the box office in India, says the spokesman of the RA One Movie. "I feel relieved that it opens. I travel, so it was not possible, keep the numbers more.

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All my colleagues now feel that they will be able to reclaim their money." The film also stars Arjun Rampal and Kareena Kapoor on the Independence Day, 26 Published in October and was made with a budget of Rs.150 crore, said. Ask him about the outcome, and he says he's going at once ... "Let's see is how it is hard work, I am satisfied with the way people reacted pleased, despite conflicting reports as soon as you have come to light, I'll give you an idea." Khan will be the next director Farhan Akhtar Don 2 December and will start shooting for Yash Chopra, in January 2012. Ra One is undoubtedly the most important movie of the year and thanks to the large and well thought out marketing campaign by Red Chillies and Eros International, has developed into a film of the event. Shahrukh is extremely high budgeted film has a social game, a game for the PS3 launched, with graphic novels arrived, goods, many senior marketing tie, tie youtube and the RA One Movie in India in three languages ​​will be released simultaneously with more 4000 prints worldwide. Perhaps more than that? Well, yes.

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The King of Bollywood - Shah Rukh Amitabh made the film even under the story and then did the impossible - Super Star Rajinikanth must act in a small stage. Should I say more? Tickets disappeared from the box office in just a few minutes and today is the day of the exam. Ra.One can hypnotize you? Ra can play the game? India can Ra.One international film, Endhiran, which promised, but not to do? The answer to all these questions is just around the corner ... And how the theater is dark and the brightness of the screen, not less expected of magic on the screen. And magic it was. Ra.One shows the reflections of several films, but it is mostly inspired by Terminator 2 - Judgement Day. He also took some cues from Iron Man (The design of the base), Astro Boy (the red nucleus, blue), Endhiran (some pictures), etc. However, the RA One Movie stands on its own merits, the most major advantage of the film and Director Anubhav Sinha.

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Sekar Subramanium, a genius game developers desperately to impress his son led him to a game in which the villain is more powerful than the heroes Ra.One create. At the same time, his company is in a program to eliminate the wall between the virtual world of reality. Ra.One with this program come to life and all hell breaks loose! He wants to kill the only person to beat the game. Who is this man? Is Shahrukh? Shahrukh can defeat the bad guys? Wait for the answer to at least a week to see in theaters, if you have not booked your tickets now. The director is not an impressive record, but had two strokes. But the average mostly poor reviews. Expect to "cash" his latest fiasco, someone to go with a project of this magnitude, especially with Shahrukh Khan. But this time he is very impressed with his leadership.

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The film is for children and young adults, while ensuring that adults can enjoy. So you have to wait too kiddish scenes. The film has no rhythm problem, because it is fast and consistent. The highlight, however, would still be impressive. Characterization of Ra.One could do more harm and terror to increase tensions and make the film have been exciting. The mystery of what would later be able to keep the audience on the edge of their seats. S Ra.One capacity "to control the human brain seems to be excessive and could have been avoided. Shahrukh will fight with Tamil, but it is exceptionally bright and Sekar as the G-One. His performance as a human being and a virtual superhuman test his acting skills. Kareena has developed nicely as an actor. Engraving on the screen including the world famous track Chhallo Chhamak. She is beautiful and offers his presentation shows how the dynamics is a competent actor. Armaan Verma is a pleasure to see how Sekar children. Arjun Rampal on the stage in the second half and played a pretty good Ra.One threatening. The performances by Sanjay Dutt and Priyanka Chopra are good. He said much had been (in Endhiran Rajnikant) Chitti could look much better. However, the appearance on the screen to scream and applaud Rajni levels reached annoying. The rest of the cast have little to do and impress. Technically Ra.One is the largest and most expensive in India as it looks. Photo V. Manigandan is a feast for the eyes and just swquences action thrown in the legends - Nicolo Pecorrini went brilliantly. The animations and graphics as compared to the best of Hollywood. The movie makes you really think about what is and what is really graphic. It is good in the first half, the graphics are a whole new level in the second half. This film has definitely set the bar very high for the graphics in the Indian film industry. The action sequences are impeccable.

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If this is the car chase sequence, the G-One is the introduction of the order of the train, or leading, the performance of an international standard. Sabu Cyril as art director should be celebrated Art Director makes every picture perfect. What is real? This is a brand? What are the graphics? You never know. Do you think that the train in the action scene was involved in a real highlight of the train? Well, think again. The music has already rave reviews, has including "Dil dara" received by Akon "criminal" and "Chalo Chamak" a shot. The student experience picturisation of the song. In general, s is a paisa vasool. Take your kids and family events of the film and a child and enjoy the fun. Technically the film is in contact with international standards, but it does not work with a unique history and unique to impress on the international board, but it is an Indian film that all Indians should be proud of. We hope that each record be rewritten in a record book.

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